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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kidney and Gallbladder Cleanse

As I have been using my Slim & Sassy, and having dropped 12 lbs so far, I have been reflecting on the different aspects of healing and my personal goals. In order to achieve them, this body needs to be cleansed on a regular basis. Science shows that the average person is carrying around 7-10 extra pounds in their colon and intestines. Though I have been using GX and PB Assist each month, I chose to add a kidney and gallbladder cleanse since it has been a few years (and a baby) since the last one, and any buildup in there may eventually slow me down. No time for that!

So why would someone subject themselves to a three-day fast of organic unfiltered apple juice to soften and eliminate stones they have no symptoms of and haven’t been diagnosed with? Why treat a problem which may not even exist? Yes, a very interesting question.

One objective with dōTERRA is to teach people how to make decisions based on informed self-care. Being proactive and preventative with our health involves doing routine maintenance on our bodies, whether we have symptoms of a problem or not. We are taught to change the oil in our car at a certain mileage, not wait till the idiot light tells us there is a problem. When we have the grinding sounds in the engine (or in our bodies), we are really no longer being preventative. We are at that point in crisis mode. Not a fun place to be.

Putting GX Assist and PB Assist on my calendar as a monthly maintenance requirement is like the reminder sticker on the windshield left by the mechanic shop. Time passes; things that are not a top priority slide past their deadlines without being completed. Sometimes I go years between kidney and gallbladder cleanses…

I am not saying you should do this cleanse. It can be grueling. In the past, the sugars in the apple juice left me feeling hungry and a bit shaky (my body doesn’t handle a lot of sugar well). What I am saying is to listen to your body. Understand that it is logical, intelligent and designed to repair itself. But it does require proper nutrition and proper care. Undigested grease and fats can accumulate in the body, including the gallbladder, and cause so many problems. Carbonated and caffeinated beverages can pull minerals from the bones and blood, and leave them to collect in the bladder and kidneys. Our citrus oils can help, especially when we use them every day.

Four days ago, I stopped eating regular food and started drinking only organic unfiltered apple juice. The malic acid in the apple juice will break down kidney stones and soften gallstones. I added my Slim and Sassy, under the tongue as usual, and brushed my teeth as usual with OnGuard, and did not suffer with the sugar shakes. Nor did I feel hungry or deprived. Three days of this, and just before bed last night I drank ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil followed by ½ cup of fresh lemon juice (with a few drops of Lemon Oil for fun). This morning, I can report that those nineteen little gallstones (emerald green and smaller than a garden pea) are no longer in my gallbladder.

One more ounce down, 30 lbs to go!

Other essential oils which are beneficial for kidney function: Grapefruit, Lemon, Wild Orange, Geranium, Frankincense...

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jorg gray said...

where is pain from gallbladder felt, also referred to as cholelithiasis, refer to solid masses that grow in the gallbladder.