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Monday, May 9, 2011

Essential Oils and Your Nervous System

When you look at the many issues that start by damage to the nervous system, you will recognize that Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s or ALS, sciatica, migraines and even dementia and more fit into this category. We all know people who are suffering with these challenges, and are looking for answers here.

The nervous system is very complex, affecting every system in the body. But it is also very logical and responsive to the essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated nutrition from plants, and our bodies recognize them and use them in the healing process. Their molecules are very, very small, and they are designed to penetrate through the cell and stimulate healing. They are proven to be adaptogenic, recognizing the body’s needs and bringing balance. They are also proven to be selective, nurturing healthy cells and good bacteria and eliminating sick cells, bad bacteria, heavy metals and other toxicity. The only big requirement is that we use the oils frequently and drink a lot of good, clean water every day to flush these negative things out of the body. If you have questions about what is a lot of water, send us an email or get with the person who sent you to this information.

In addition to drinking water, there is a huge need to eliminate soda pop, especially diet soda, from our daily routine. The action of the carbonation in the body actually attacks the nervous system, the sweeteners in the drinks wreak havoc on the pancreas and other organs, and the body’s cry for hydration gets weaker and weaker the more soda is consumed. Research shows that Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) did not exist before the invention of soda pop. Sad but true. Also, dangerous to our health are refined sugar and white flour.

The program of action that has been consistently effective for all types of nervous system challenges is as follows:
Lifelong Vitality Pack: These nutrition-dense supplements provide everything that is needed to get all of the systems up and running effectively. They clean up free radicals, provide nutrition for heart, brain and digestive function, support all of the organs and provide the body with stimulant-free energy that keeps you going all day. I would not be without them. They can be purchased at an additional discount through doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program.
Frankincense: This powerful essential oil, a gift for kings throughout time, is proven to enter the cell with the image of the perfect blueprint and correct damage to the DNA. Thus, Frankincense helps the body to eliminate scars, wrinkles and other damage. A powerful anti-inflammatory oil, we have used this one successfully to rid the body of cancers, dementia, genetic abnormalities, infections and more. It is especially valuable when working with the nervous system. A few drops under the tongue 2-3 times daily can make a difference with brain and nerve function, and overall health. Look up Frankincense in your reference book or online at and prepare to be amazed at its proven uses in the body, including its effects as an antidepressant.
Balance: This essential oil blend contains Frankincense, among other oils which together help create balance in the body, the nervous and electrical systems, and in the blood. See the blood slides at for yourself! It is amazing to see how quickly we respond to essential oils! I love to apply this blend to the back of my neck and the bottoms of my feet daily to help me handle stress more effectively, and adding Balance to any essential oils application makes everything work better.
Lavender or the Serenity blend: Soothing and calming are important to helping heal nervous system challenges. When the nerves are frazzled, they don’t respond, kind of like an electrical wire that is damaged and shoots out random spurts of energy, or a damaged phone line that sounds crackly and loud. The nervous system sends out messages all throughout the body, and when it is damaged, the messages are not sent or received properly, and often include power surges. We all know what bad communications do to our lives. Apply Lavender or Serenity anywhere on the body, add them to bathwater or massage oil, or apply them directly to bedding before bedtime.
Bergamot: Protects the cells, reduces inflammation and more. There is some really fun science on Bergamot oil at, if you are interested in how it works. The recent study done on a group of rats in Italy shows that Bergamot stops the chemical binding which causes permanent brain injuries.
Melissa: One of the most powerful antiviral oils out there (remember that essential oils can enter the cells, which is where viruses hang out?), Melissa has been proven to eliminate viruses like the herpes virus, and we have used it many times to kill dangerous pathogens. It is also proven to be so effective in protecting the nervous system and lifting mood. A wonderful antidepressant, especially when added to Frankincense.
Lime: Any of the citrus oils are so helpful in restoring and maintaining health, but Lime is unique in its ability to protect nerve and nerve function. Add this one to your drinking water, and apply it to the brain stem or bottoms of the feet.
Patchouli: A recent study with Patchouli involved superoxide, a free-radical which is naturally-occurring in the human body. When superoxide was introduced to a dish full of nervous system cells, there was massive damage done to the cells. In another dish, when superoxide and Patchouli oil were introduced at the same time to nervous system cells, very little, if any, damage was done to the cells. The difference is very obvious. Dr. Hill’s recommendation for using Patchouli is to the little triangle on each side of the base of the skull to get the oil as close to the brain as possible for quickest absorption and protection. As much as most of us use our technology and cell phones today, we should all be using Patchouli.
A monthly cleanse, using GX Assist, PB Assist or PB Assist+, and consuming dietary enzymes (TerraZyme is so effective and scientifically formulated) and the Zendocrine blend and supplement to cleanse and support all of the organs. Research shows that so many of our nervous system challenges are caused and worsened by toxicity in the body. The sooner we can get that toxicity out, the sooner the body can heal.

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Love, Tamalu

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