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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Essential Oils and Brain Development

When my friend's son Jade was born, his left brain was not developed,
and as he grew, the back of the left side of his head sank in. He
began having seizures at 9 months, and was very much an infant in
behavior and ability for a long time. I approached his mother about
using oils, and she really was not very interested.

Months later, (April 2008) I was approached by another dear friend,
who insisted that I try again to get oils to Jade. This good person
had known the family for years and felt a debt of gratitude to them. I
did try again, and fail again. For some reason, she did not want to
pursue it. By now, Jade was just over two years old and beginning to
army crawl. The doctors were "cautiously optimistic"; they expected
his cognitive development was close to complete. I was still thinking
and praying about him and for him, working out some kind of solution.

In August 2008, I received a dinner invitation from a friend and
client who had a friend (we'll call him Gene) coming in from another
town. "For some reason", they said, we needed to meet. During our
casual conversation, we found several common interests, including a
passion for healing (he is a doctor) and myofascial release skills.
Our host had injured himself and asked for my attention. While I was
tending to our friend's injury, Gene was curious about my oils and we
discussed them briefly. I mentioned the little boy and asked if he
would meet with me and Jade's family. He agreed.

The next morning we met together and I worked on Jade while Gene
explained what I was doing. He recommended that I continue working
with Jade on a regular basis, and left for his home. Jade's mother was
excited to have me work on her boy, especially now that a doctor had
recommended it. I went to their home weekly and began teaching this
family how to apply oils as I worked on him. Jade's mother continued
to have him monitored through her already established medical program.
She applied oils on the days I did not come to work on Jade, and as
needed. We discussed Dave Stirling's little girl and how her body was
overcoming seizures using Frankincense oil. We watched the back of
Jade's head round back out within the first two weeks (Balance applied
daily to the brainstem and misaligned areas). I applied Frankincense
to his head and feet, Balance to head, feet and spine, Serenity to his
heart and around his neck. He soon got to the point of choosing his
own additional oils of the day out of my bag. As the majority of the
tension was released from his body, we watched him learn to crawl and
stand without support. Our sessions began to include massage,
especially his thighs, because of his increased activity. The end of
September, physical and occupational therapists were called in to work
with Jade, and he was learning about one new word a week. By November,
at two and a half years old, he was walking. We rejoiced at his
progress, laughing and crying at each new antic. His doctors were
baffled. He had not seized in months. He began running. In January,
before we could start one of our sessions, he had to sing the Barney
"I Love You" song and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (with all the actions). His
other therapists said the work with the oils made all of their
progress with him possible.

There have been challenges for Jade. He did begin seizing again. This
could have been due to habit formed in the brain, reverted back to
because of such huge advances in such a short time. We are still
learning about the brain, and the causes of seizures are still
somewhat of a mystery. Frankincense, Balance and Serenity have been
tremendous tools for him and his family. I honor Jade's mother for her
diligence with him, and for supporting his growth. I watched her
wrestle with him in church as he went quickly from a passive
2-year-old infant to an active toddler. She has had to make huge
shifts in her beliefs about him. I honor doTERRA, for the amazing pure
oil offering we have here. And I honor those dear good friends, Emily
and Korey Wright, for setting me to this task and urging me forward to
work with our mutual little friend, and helping provide oils for Jade
out of their own pocket. It has been a witness to me of the intent of
this company, to help people and bless lives. I'm grateful for the
doctor, who showed up when he was needed to get us in the door. Yes,
he enrolled with doTERRA. How could he try our oils and not enroll?

For those who do not know Jade and his story, he appears to be a
normal, healthy 3-year-old. The rest of us marvel at him, at who he is
becoming. We don't know what challenges await, but his story has been
rewritten due to our essential oils. Thank you, doTERRA. There are
many people looking for answers, and we have answers in our oils when
we push forward in our resolve.

Love, Tamalu

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